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Year 5 – Space

In Year 5 we are learning about space.
Pupils have been studying the different features of the planets and have produced some artwork using pastels. We have been exploring the Apollo 13 mission and producing some story maps around these events.  We have also been conducting a scientific enquiry in how we can prove or disprove given statements and hypotheses using our understanding of the universe.
The Earth spins on its axis
The sun is not a planet
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Year 6 Electricity

Year 6 have had the electrical equipment out and have been seeing what they remember from their last electricity topic in Year 4. It seems that you are never to old to put your teacher’s watch in a circuit to see if it conducts electricity! The children also learnt the correct symbols for each part of a circuit in preparation for some investigations in the coming weeks.

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Balloon puzzle

Every Friday there will be a new challenge for you to try at home, the solution and hopefully some of your pictures will be posted on the following Thursday.

For this week, can you blow up a balloon without using your mouth? And before you say it, pumps aren’t allowed! Can you use the equipment list below and discover 2 different ways of inflating a balloon, then try to explain how it worked. Can you also use any other equipment and think of your own way to inflate a balloon?


balloons, vinegar, bowl of water, bottle (glass if possible), bicarbonate of soda

I’d love to see some pictures or videos of your work so please send them to kingfishers@highcliffeprimary.dorset.sch.uk

Good luck!

Mr. Lee




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Hot chocolate challenge

As the temperature continues to drop, why not try this tasty experiment?

Question: Which sweet or treat melts fastest in hot chocolate?

You could try marshmallows, smarties, dairy milk or any of your favourite treats.

Remember to make it a fair test (same size, same temperature etc).


Make your predictions first and see if you were correct.

Email any photos or findings to the office and we’ll add them to the blog.



Mr. Lee

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Food chains

In year 4 we have been learning about food chains. We learnt some new words, Producer means producing there own energy from the sun, plants do this. Consumer means anything that eats something. We learnt the arrows show flow of energy. By Summer Prescott.

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Science Assembly

The children were literally blown away last week during an amazing Science assembly by Professor Tim Harrison from Bristol University. His demonstrations showed the children some of weird and wonderful properties of a range of gases and liquids. It definitely inspired some of our future scientists.

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Year 4 teeth

In year 4 we have been making and learning about teeth. We all made our teeth out of plasticine, it was very sticky. We learned about the different types of teeth and their jobs, for example Molar,incisors,Canine. We also tried eating an apple with different teeth, using our incisors was quite tricky!

By Summer and Aimee

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Scuttle Bugs

In our final week of the KS1 Science Club we created Scuttle Bugs. We thought about how the further back we pulled our scuttle bug the longer distance it would cover due to the elastic band spinning around. Well done to our engineers of the week: Zack, Daisy and Gabriella.

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Pneumatic Monsters

In today’s Science Club we were creating monsters! We used two syringes connected by a piece of tubing to push air between them causing our monster’s mouth to open and close.

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Snap Dragons!

This week we were using pivot points to open and close our snap dragon’s mouth.

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